Rise of a Hero is not technically the first book in the series but more of a prequel to explain where the Immortals came from. It follows Jai'Zon and his life around ancient lands, long forgotten by many. Before Pherdania was Pherdania, it was the many lands of the city states.


Rise Of A Hero is the first book in the series and starts with Jai'Zon in his youth. The book starts off when he was 13 years old and first able to help his father with the harvest. His uncle, the mayor of the village, rang the bells at night as bandits where raiding the villiage for the food supply after the first harvest. In the battle Jai'Zon uses his "farming" skills to wield a short iron sword and wooden shield, killing a bandit. This draw of blood showed his father that perhaps joining the Gaurdians in Ilingar wouldn't be such a bad thing. The next day he accompanied his Uncle and some of the farmers to Ilingar to deliver their share of the goods to the King.

Within Ilingar, Jai'Zon managed to enlist and train for two years in the Gaurdian Corps.

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